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We Solve Marriage Problems
For Discerning, Busy Couples
Who Want To See Results Fast

We Can 

Your Marriage

We Can
Your Marriage

Our Success Rate is 100%

Every Marriage

we've worked on has been transformed,

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We specialize in helping discerning, busy individuals save and reinvent their marriages
in just weeks.

Our clients are ultra-successful—celebrities, politicians, investors, founders and CEOs of multi-million- and multi-billion-dollar companies. They have achieved incredible feats in life, but in the process, they've lost themselves or their most important relationship—their marriage.

They don't want to waste time 'trying' things, they are looking for the best—the fastest, most effective, and most profound solution that will dramatically shorten the distance between where they currently are, and where they dream of being.

This IS NOT 
the same old marriage counselling...

With our method, you and your partner will
avoid the unpleasant
'he said, she said'
blame game

Our commitment to success is reflected in
over 70 top-rated video testimonials

 It will only take 
one or two sessions
to see real improvements.
(As seen on our video testimonials)

Your marriage will be saved in less than 10 sessions,

and you will connect with each other
with tremendous ease

Specifically Tailored

To the Unique Needs
of High-Achieving, Type A Personalities,

And Their Partners

We specialize in helping
high-achieving, accomplished individuals -

business owners,
entrepreneurs, CXOs, 
and their spouses - 

save and reinvent
their marriages in
mere weeks 

​Please note:
As a boutique company that prides itself on providing exceptional service, we value quality over quantity. We do not pack our practice with hundreds of clients like traditional counselors, therapists or coaches; instead, to ensure that each of our clients achieves outstanding results, we take on a limited number of clients each month, and we are selective about whom we partner up with. Due to our unequivocal commitment to our clients' successes, we never fail to get the results that our clients are looking for, and as a result, we have unwavering support from our highly accomplished clients, eager to share their experience on camera. 

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Reignite Your Love

In 10 Sessions OR LESS

We specialize in helping high-achieving individuals and couples
(entrepreneurs, executives, doctors, business families)
save and reinvent their marriages in just weeks

We've worked with many busy professionals, and we can tell you with certainty that the most important relationship for your success in life, and in business, is the relationship with the person you are married to.

Your marriage will either elevate you, or hold you back.

You should be happy, feel loved, and love your partner.

You should be happy to see each other.

As time goes by, life happens, and now you may be looking back asking yourself “What Happened?”

Many couples succumb to a devastating reality: as years go by, they find themselves living in a marriage where love, appreciation, and attention no longer go both ways.

They are unhappy, sad, and living like two business partners who are taking care of the kids and doing what needs to get done instead of connecting and supporting each other on a deeper level.

Often, these couples do not let their friends and family know that their marriage is on the brink of a breakup, that they may sooner rather than later have to go through a big mess - a divorce.

When out with family, friends, or in public, they pretend to be happy. Pretend to get along. Pretend to be a team. And smile on cue.

But behind closed doors it’s an entirely different story...

Each person feels hurt, upset, sad, and angry. It’s a very draining and exhausting experience that impacts every area of their lives.

It impacts the way they are with friends and family, the way they are at work, the way they feel inside, and the thoughts they have when they are alone.

If this is how your relationship feels, the next step is to ask yourself if you are willing to give it one last try.

Maybe you aren’t, and that’s ok. It’s your life and maybe you just want to throw in the towel.

But if you want to give it one last try, you need to work with someone who can help you bring the Love and Magic back into your respective lives, as well as your lives together as a family.

And the last thing you want to do is put your trust in someone who will make matters worse, and yes, unfortunately this happens more often than you would like to think...

If you want to give it one last chance, if you want to know if you can fall back in Love with each other again, if you want to become a team again, maybe we can help.

We offer a completely different solution for your Marriage Problems. One that works.

We offer a program that works on both of you individually in a very comfortable setting, and enables you to transform into the best version of yourselves, so that the sparks can re-ignite and attraction towards each other can come back naturally.

To date, every single couple who has worked with us has completely transformed, reinvented, and saved their marriage...

Kindly Take Note

This will save your marriage,
and improve every other aspect of your life.

will become the best version of yourself which will lead to your partner
falling back in love with you, naturally.

Your partner
will also become their best version which will lead you to
fall back in love with them, naturally.

We have a 100% success rate and over 70 video testimonials given to us by
very successful professionals for one very good reason:

Because our program is very effective,
and very fast.

The Key 

Reading this page will help you understand 2 things:

1) Exactly why your marriage broke down

2) How to save your marriage

First, you need to understand one thing:
All relationships are trades of value, especially your marriage.

I'll explain.

When you first got married, each of you brought a certain amount of value to the table.

When you thought about marriage, each of you assessed the situation, and decided that the person in front of you had a lot of value, enough value that marrying each other would benefit both of your lives.

You decided that it would be a good idea for many reasons.
Emotionally, socially, financially, security-wise, for building a family, etc…

But over time, life happened, the years went by, things changed, and so did both of you.

And one of the biggest things that changed is the value you bring to each other.

"I hated my husband before, I didn’t want to see his face, ever!
And now... I love him, I do (crying) and… I like living with him.

I was exhausted, I was depressed. I was angry, I was consumed with anger and I felt trapped… And now I feel free. I feel happy, I’m crying because I’m happy (crying)"

- Candice

"It has stopped all the bickering and all the confusion and all the attacks and all the… and it’s so much more enjoyable to be around my wife and you can see it also in the children, which is just as important to me...

The relationship did a one eighty

- Miguel

Let's Get Some Clarity...

This quick one-minute exercise will help you get greater clarity:

Are these following statements correct? (Be Honest With Yourself)

1) You are not as kind to each other (compared to when you first got married).

2) You are not as understanding with each other.

3) You are not as patient with each other.

4) You are not as respectful towards each other.

5) You do not support each other like you used to.

6) You do not listen to each other (with big round eyes) like you used to.

7) You are both not as happy, as calm, and as pleasant to be around, as individuals
(compared to when you first got married).

Are things starting to make sense?

Are you starting to see that the problem is not exclusively about you, or exclusively about your partner?

Your relationship is where it is because each of you have changed, and not necessarily in a good way.

Both of you bring a certain amount of value to the relationship, and each of your value has dropped significantly, therefore it only makes sense that the relationship is crumbling.

But there is an effective, fast acting solution.

There's a comfort and ease, and security, and depth of love
that you get for that person, who's the most important person in the world.

And it's bilateral, it goes both ways.”

– Dr. Ray

It's bliss, it's actually marriage bliss, we're joined at the hip,
and it's fun, it's exciting.

He's my soul mate.

– Cynthia

The Solution To Your Marriage Problems

The "Big Secret"

Here is the Big Secret to saving your marriage, and it’s the same secret to having the most Amazing Life as an individual:

The fastest way for your marriage to become as good or better than it has EVER been is for each of you to become the best versions of yourselves.

To raise your individual value.

If we decided to work together, and each of you authentically became - not trying, or pretending to be, but if each of you actually became - happier, kinder, more loving, more understanding, more patient, more respectful, more supportive, more caring, more confident, and more charismatic as individuals…

If each of you authentically wanted to listen to each other with big round eyes again…

If each of you became authentically happier with your own individual lives…

– Your relationship would reach new heights, possibly higher than it has ever reached before.

– Your marriage would probably be saved. (It always has with our students)

– And you would be living your dream lives, individually, and together as a team and as a family.

You would fall back ILove with each other because you would be with a man, or a woman, who treats you, and others, and him or herself, in a way that is very attractive.

Your mate would “BE” a way that would have you falling back in LOVE.

“I really thought it was going to be coping skills and exercises and things like that. And what I received out of this program is a new life. I spend more time with my wife and kid than anybody I know.
My wife likes me.

We're having fun together, we're laughing we're giggling,
we're acting like we're newlyweds!

Maybe even before that, maybe like when we first met, when we were just super infatuated with each other!

And as a result of what I learned in this program,
I've also grown my business by 300%.

This program is mind blowing, completely life changing."

– Craig

“If it was not for Jean-Paul, I would have been divorced, and living separately from my children and husband. But Jean-Paul turned it all around.

We love each other more. We're more affectionate with each other. Especially in front of our kids. My kids love to see us hug and kiss.

It brings back memories of when we first started dated in high school.
I like this lovey dovey feeling.

- Dr. Alan and Marianne

Our Program

  • ​Our Save My Marriage program is a customized program with Jean-Paul Gravel that involves a series of crafted conversations that help your mind perceive and react to things from a much better place.
  • ​Each program is 10 sessions and builds on each other in a consecutive way in order to create and solidify the results. Simple assignments are given to do in between the sessions which allow your mind to adapt and e-x-p-a-n-d at a very fast rate. Sessions are done remotely via video conferencing, and will fit easily in your busy schedule.
  • ​There is a specific start and end date to the program. It is not a revolving door like conventional therapy or counselling, where you have to come back over and over again without knowing when you will arrive at your final destination.
  • ​There is no need to dive into your past and talk about all of your individual problems if you don't want to. With our method, you can easily let go of your negative past experiences without having to re-hash and re-live your unpleasant past memories.
  • ​Positive shifts will begin happening from the moment you have your first session with Jean-Paul. By the end of your program, you will have a healthier, more positive outlook on life, and your relationship will be completely transformed.
  • Each person does his or her individual program. In essence, there are two programs running concurrently side by side. While we encourage couples to do their individual programs at the same time, depending on circumstances (for example if one person does not want to work on the relationship while the other person does), the other can do the program on his or her own.
  • ​The ThroughConversation™ Save My Marriage program is full spectrum work which means that it will not only impact your marriage - it will take your entire life to even greater heights. You will become happier, more relaxed and less reactive. You will become more confident and charismatic, you will be more fulfilled in your life, and as a direct result you will be more attractive. People are automatically attracted to all of the qualities I just listed above.
  • ​Each person that comes to us does so with a very different set of needs; therefore each person gets a fully customized and unique approach that fits them like a glove. The program you receive will be suited to your personality and lifestyle.
  • ​If you run a business, your business revenue would probably increase​ as a result of the save my marriage program. As you will see in the video testimonials, many of our clients have doubled, even tripled their business revenues. The save my marriage program makes you better at life, and that includes business.

If you like what you just read, book yourself in for a quick 15 min call to find out if this program is right for you:

“I came here expecting to find a way really to end somewhat amicably a thirty five year marriage, and now I’m not doing that. And I don’t have to tell my kids why, I don’t have to tell anybody why.

People that we know are looking at us and saying
“what kind of Kool-Aid are you two drinking",
and that’s a way better place to be than where I thought we were going to be.” The program gave me what I desired, and it gave me more than that.

- Ginny

It saved my marriage, kept us together, but at the same time it gave me some fantastic side benefits with relationships with family and friends and everybody in my life, as well as setting me up really well for the future.”

- Stephen

– After 35 years, they wanted to give their Marriage the best chance possible.

“I thought I was just gonna be trying to salvage a marriage, whereas now my marriage is the best it's ever been. Even though I'm the only one who did the program, my marriage is the best it's ever been.

We went from not living in the same house to now living together. Which in itself is a miracle.

Now, our relationship is filled with love, patience, understanding, caring for one another… Goofy moments that didn't exist before because we were too busy fighting. So now we have a great foundation to build on, for the rest of our lives.

I've never been this happy. I've never been this confident. I've never been more energetic. Also, way less reactive, more calm. I feel like I'm twenty years younger. I sleep like a baby now. More physically fit. I'm actually sharper, and I can concentrate a lot more on tasks at hand. These are the things that I never dreamed I could be, but I am now. This is my new normal, and I just love that.”

​- Tyson

A Few Things You Need To Know:

Interesting Facts About Our Program

  • ​We do not take in hundreds of clients a month, we only take two people per month. We do this to assure that we can exceed your expectations.
  • We believe in quality, not quantity. This is why we have over 70 video testimonials given to us by very accomplished individuals. We consistently deliver on our promises.
  • Every couple that has worked with us was able to transform and save their marriage.
  • ​Whenever only one person in the couple has done the program, the marriage has been saved more than 3 out of 4 times.​ That's because if you become your happiest, calmest, and best self, ​ your value goes up. And as you become more valuable to your partner, their behaviour around you improves accordingly. It just makes sense.

Who Is This For

  • ​You are 50 years of age, or above.
  • You do not want to waste time trying to fix your marriage - yow want it fixed, and move forward in life.
  • ​You don’t want the finger pointing typically found in traditional couples counselling, or therapy.
  • ​You want to work with someone who delivers consistent and predictable results.
  • ​You have an immediate need to save your marriage. You want it saved NOW.

It's Easy

  • Start by booking a 15 min Clarity Call with Jean-Paul's business partner, Dr. Olga Kniazeva. It's not a sales pitch and nothing is being offered, just getting to know each other.
  • ​On this call, we will help you understand where you currently are and what's holding you back from having an incredible marriage, and life. ​
  • ​If there is mutual interest, you will be given an opportunity to meet with Jean-Paul, via a video call.
  • ​If ​we are a fit you can book your first session and we will begin ​reviving and saving your marriage.

“It changed the way that I thought at the most root level. It changed the way that I behaved at the most root level. I can’t explain it, but it’s just, it changed me, and it changed the way that I see the world, that I see people, that I see situations,

Our marriage has completely done a one eighty.
After the program, we are completely different, there's no stress around
us talking.

There is us connecting, giggling, laughing, playing,
you know, it's completely like back when we were dating!

It really took me from living an average life,
to living an extraordinary life."

- Rahim, CEO

“Every aspect of my life has changed.
I sleep better, I have better relationships with my kids.

Our marriage is fantastic!

It’s the best we have ever, ever been!

It’s like being back in love when we first met!"

- Nina, Mom

“It gave me my marriage back!

It made my marriage better than it was almost in the entire existence of my marriage.

We are like newlyweds again, it’s like the honeymoon is all the time!”

– Bryan

“We are connected again. We don’t have any fear about talking to each other about anything anymore, it’s an open book, and it is so beautiful and refreshing…
It’s better than it was even before, when it was good, when we were newly married!

– Jennifer

Unbeatable Results

Over 70 in-depth video Case Studies of people from all walks of life.

We showcase impressive results:

- Saving marriages with ease

- Eliminating anxiety and other health problems

- Increasing business performance and revenue

We Always Deliver On Our Promises.

People give video testimonials because they want you to know
that the results we are talking about are real.

They don’t have to do a thing, and they still chose to share their experiences with you.

Click on the pictures below to see for yourself:

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Jean-Paul Gravel

Founder of ThroughConversation, Jean-Paul Gravel is a human potential coach, author, and speaker, whose work has been endorsed by top CEOs, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, and many others.

Over the past two decades, he has developed and perfected a system that quickly and dramatically improves emotional health, relationships, and performance levels - simultaneously.

His system is so effective that even couples on a brink of divorce, with wedding rings off, sleeping in different rooms, are able to rediscover their love and affection for each other, in a matter of weeks - as long as they are willing to give it one last try.

With his unique proprietary process, Jean-Paul has helped hundreds of people connect with one another with more ease and Love.

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Olga Kniazeva, PhD 

Jean-Paul's business partner and head consultant, Olga will be your first point of contact during your 15 minute consultation.

A former academic and strategy consultant, Dr. Olga Kniazeva has worked with a number of prominent international organizations and academic institutions around the world, including NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Brussels, Harvard University Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, and Women Waging Peace.

After experiencing ThroughConversation in 2009, Olga changed her career path to make the program available internationally.

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